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robert_bush_savannah170Robert Bush, ESQ
I grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia and the Baptist Church.  They seem interchangeable in hindsight.  My subconscious was plugged into the fact that I was gay, but it successfully compartmentalized my mind so that in early college, I had taped up the radio controls to keep me from switching to secular radio, and I was intending to go into the ministry.  That was the intensification just before I began to think for myself.   Many people who don't have the experience don't realize that the mind can surreptitiously hide your sexuality from you, even if, at times, you may have acted on it...

dale finalDale Worley
Since moving here about a year ago, Dale Worley—Unity minister, musician and showman extraordinaire -- has taken Savannah by storm. Relocating here to serve as an associate minister with Arlene Myer at Unity Church on Sunset Boulevard, Dale also stepped into a role as Unity’s Creative Arts Director and hosts their weekly online radio show...


Jamie Durrence
Charming is an adjective rarely used to describe someone these days, but it aptly applies to downtown restaurateur Jamie Durrence.  From local farm boy to prize-winning equestrian to New York fashion designer and realtor, Jamie has packed a lot of living in his 32 years.  In 2006, Jamie moved back to Savannah, and for the last year and a half he has been the general manager at the swank eatery Local 11ten.

When I sat down with Jamie in the calm before the onslaught of the usual glittering dinner crowd, he was typically gracious and made a point of complimenting me on my clothes and wristwatch, which says a lot coming from someone with an apparel background.  Jamie’s answers to my questions were candid and unguarded, with a
self-assuredness that lacks arrogance...

is an ever-stylish, lanky lad sporting horn rims and a Morrissey-esque mop of blond hair. He was born in Warrensburg, MO, a rural town east of Kansas City.   As a kid, he spent most of his time drawing, singing, and playing outdoors and in the woods. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout at 14, and upon graduating from high school moved to Savannah, GA to attend SCAD. After a few crazy, often tumultuous years of painting, drawing, and partying, he graduated and began what he calls his “true adult life”.  He currently works for his alma mater and lives in the Ardsley Park neighborhood of Savannah...

Karen Abatoprofile2
a dark-haired, olive-skinned, one-woman powerhouse. She balances her work as an artist, soft-spoken activist and psychotherapist (primarily working with disadvantaged and abused children) while creating remarkable artwork and strengthening the ties that bind her to Savannah’s burgeoning LGBT community. Add to that the passion she shares with her partner, Corey, for gardening, good food and furry critters of all sorts, and you get a snapshot of this multi-talented woman who is constantly in search of new venues of expression and connection...

Pam3 Pam Miller
Pam Miller is a regular woman-about-town here in Savannah and is planning on adding even more to her full plate of activities by running for an Alderman seat within the City of Savannah. Pam will run as the first openly gay individual to contend for the seat. Such a commitiment to run for a high-profile city office keeps her in constant motion it seems, but I did have a chance to correspond with Pam and learn a little bit about what makes this girl tick. Her bubbly personality, non-stop smile, and sincere but direct manner has won her the accolades and support of a vibrant and diverse crowd of Savannahians.