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Kipper Millsap
is an ever-stylish, lanky lad sporting horn rims and a Morrissey-esque mop of blond hair. He was born in Warrensburg, MO, a rural town east of Kansas City.   As a kid, he spent most of his time drawing, singing, and playing outdoors and in the woods. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout at 14, and upon graduating from high school moved to Savannah, GA to attend SCAD. After a few crazy, often tumultuous years of painting, drawing, and partying, he graduated and began what he calls his “true adult life”.  He currently works for his alma mater and lives in the Ardsley Park neighborhood of Savannah.



WHO is one of your favorites on the Savannah art scene these days, be it an up-and-comer or an old timer?


Well, I'll answer for both the up-and-comer and the old-timer, though I do think "old-timer" might not be a flattering title… Jonathan Yoerger is an amazing young artist studying painting at SCAD. His work is narrative but conceptual, bold in color and character. He's an artist with a hip sensibility, but who is not limited by the constrains of what is "now." I've seen his style and technique grow leaps and bounds in the last year.  Definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Thinking of someone I've respected for a long time is an easy task. Since moving to Savannah in 2002, I have always gravitated to the work of Marcus Kenney.  Themes of politics, humanity, and religion pervade his mixed-media pieces, sometimes leaving the viewer a little unsettled. My baby sculpture from his 2007 installation "US" is one
of my most prized possessions.


WHAT do you think about Florence and the Machine? Which song is your present favorite? Do you think she IS too man-ish? What about those crazy videos?


(Laughs) I think she's evidence of a trend toward the theatrical in pop music today (I'm expecting Ziggy Stardust to make a resurgence at any moment, his new single would feature Lady Gaga in the chorus, and he'd light himself on fire while performing it naked at the VMA's).
Florence has got a lot going for her: an amazing voice, great songs,
and personality plus.  My favorite song of the moment is Hurricane
Drunk (laughs). I guess that says too much about me. As far as mannish, I
think it's the unfortunate plight of strong females to be ridiculed
for their gender role defiance.  That being said, yeah, she does have
a pretty defined mandible.  Her videos are refreshingly unexpected,
and are evidence of the beauty you can accomplish with a small budget.
I really wanted to dance in a kaleidoscope after seeing Cosmic Love.

WHEN did you decide that dandy stylishness, camping essentials and antique picnic settings could inhabit the same blog-space ( in a complementary fashion? 


I had a lot of encouragement from friends to get my ideas out there.
I was resistant at first to the blog scene, mainly because I am such a
late joiner.  However, I'm getting into the groove and looking forward
to see how it all develops. Streamlining the concept was and still is the
tricky part about my blog.  All I knew was that I wanted men to
accessorize not just their wardrobes, but their lives.  Accessories
don't end at fashion for me; they are the details that accent all the
things I do.  If I go camping, you can bet I'll have a cute walking
stick painted avocado green with a vintage compass on top.  And I'll
probably bring along my vintage, plaid cot so I can sleep in style and
comfort.  If a guy needs a romantic date idea, he can follow my guide
to "a vintage picnic on the beach."  In my mind these are all
masculine pursuits that need a little gussying up.  Sometimes it
requires a fresh coat of paint, other times a perfectly placed


WHERE did you get those doo-dads and jewelbits to bedazzle all of those ties and how am I gonna find them?


I used Swarovski crystals and sterling silver settings for the
bedazzled ties.  I found them on eBay, but am sure you can find
various other suppliers online.  I've also festooned ties with vintage
brass chains from bracelets and necklaces, and have seen embroidered
and screen-printed ties.  I encourage men to embellish their ties with
whatever expresses their personality.  I keep my eye out for
interesting bits and bobs when I go to flea markets and antique malls.
I just found some taxidermy eyes that have really gotten my gears
turning.  You just never know what you'll see and what ideas it might



WHY stay on in Savannah after graduation?


I never, EVER thought I would live in the South.  Ever. But after my
first trip to see Savannah and visit SCAD, nearly 8 years ago, I was
hooked by the charm and beauty.  This small, Southern city has almost
everything I need, and what it doesn't have is only a quick day trip
away.  After graduating from SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and
Design, I began working full time as the visual merchandiser for
shopSCAD, a gallery boutique that sells the work of students, alumni,
faculty and staff of SCAD.  The college attracts a slew of interesting
people to Savannah (including my idol, Simon Doonan), and when mixed
with the colorful local characters the result is a truly unique social
scene.  Savannah's museums, galleries, shopping, history, and
architecture are all impressive, and have truly defined the city as a
mecca for creative, progressive, idealistic thinkers who love to relax
and enjoy a slower pace.  But for a slow, Southern city, Savannah is
anything but boring.  Special events for the community occur almost
weekly with food festivals, music concerts, fashion shows, film
festivals, etc., all over our downtown Historic District.  It doesn't
hurt having the beach just a few minutes away, either.  Tybee Island
might just be my number one reason for why I love living in Savannah
as much as I do.  It's my weekly vacation getaway, and I take full
advantage of it during the hot summer months.  If you get the chance,
hit up Fannie's On the Beach, a great place to take a break from the
dogged work of lying out in the sun all day.


HOW does one embellish ones diction by inserting colorful--sometimes racy colloquialisms?


I love a good conversation with a good conversationalist.  Getting to
know someone, sharing anecdotes, and avoiding small talk are all goals
of mine when I start up a dialogue.  The more personal you can be in
your discourse the better, I think.  I always enjoy hearing the
expressions and colloquialisms that people grew up with from their
respective locations.  It can tell you a lot about a person.  I highly
encourage people to pepper their speech with words and sayings that
are a little out of the ordinary.  Again, it's all about expressing
who you are.  By the way, a catchphrase or slogan never hurt anyone.
"Get 'er done" and "Make it work" were coined by two entirely
different men (from different planets, practically), but they are both
saying the same thing in their own personal way.  People liked it, it
caught on, now you can't escape it.  That's the power of personal expression.

In my most optimistic vision, Kipper Millsap is a dandy man's guide to
duds, decor and the great outdoors.  The blog is intended to inspire
men to spruce up their wardrobes, homes, and free time with some
simple creative ideas.  Most of the blog is a "how to" providing
step-by-step instructions for everything from bedazzling neckties to
entertaining your fellas for game night.  It's not about becoming a
fashionista, style snob, or supreme host.  It's about expressing
yourself, your personality, and having the confidence to pull off
anything.  A little GQ, a little Martha Stewart Living, and whole lot
of YOU…

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